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A delicate white-bellied piculet perched gracefully on a slender branch, its distinctive markings and pale underbelly illuminated against the rich, green backdrop of the River Mangrove Forest, showcasing the biodiversity of the Abary River Birding Tour.
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Abary River Birding Tour

Discover the hidden avian treasures of Guyana, including the sighting of Guyana exotic birds, on the Abary River Birding Tour. Venture through the scenic East Coast of Demerara and into the heart of the protected River Mangrove Forest. Encounter a myriad of endemic and coastal species, including the rare blood-coloured woodpeckers and lively Guianan gnatcatchers. The journey promises a mix of exploration and serendipity, with the scarlet ibises gracing your return trip as a delightful bonus!

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Devil's Island Tour French Guiana
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3 Guianas Luxury Tour

The 3 Guianas remain the undiscovered destination of immense beauty offered to the discerning traveler.
You will discover the amazing beauty of the rainforests in Guyana, the rich cultural heritage of Suriname, and the fascinating history of French Guiana. All three countries share a common European heritage and history, diverse cultures, delicious food, and the most friendly, hospitable people, all combined to satisfy your curiosity.
And most of all, they are waiting to be discovered! Get the best hotels and resorts, tours, and excursions on our luxury tour of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. We ensure that you are treated as V.I.Ps. From the time you contact us, you are a V.I.P.!

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Guyana Birds Interior

This tour explores the birding habitats in Guyana’s interior, focusing on the areas around Kaeiteur Falls, Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve and Surama. These locations are noted for their incredible birding opportunities. We may encounter birds such as the Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, White-chinned and White-tipped Swifts, Macaws, Toucans, Cracids, Cotingas, Crimson Topaz, Crimson Fruitcrow, Hoatzin, the Harpy Eagle and Parrots.

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