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sloth island nature getaway
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Sloth Island Nature Getaway

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the Sloth Island, where you will be transported to a breathtaking location where the lush rainforests, fresh waters, and golden sandy beaches come together to create a paradise like no other. Get up close and personal with the island’s most beloved inhabitants, the sloths, as you explore their natural habitat and learn about their unique behaviors and characteristics.

This is specifically designed for a group of 12 people. For smaller groups, please contact us.

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Rainforest and wildlife
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Rupununi Rainforest Wildlife Tour

Embark on an adventure through the untamed Rupununi jungle, where you can marvel at the breathtaking Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve, experience the thrill of walking on the Canopy Walkway, and encounter the rich heritage of the Amerindian village of Surama, where the wonders of nature harmonize with the captivating Macushi culture.
For this trip, a minimum of two individuals must travel together. The cost of traveling will increase if there is only one person.

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Suriname Samaaka Maroon Tour

A cultural tour of Suriname highlights the distinct African face of the Saramaccan tribe. The tour takes place in the heart of Suriname’s rainforest and provides an insight into their life and customs. Your guide will accompany you to villages, where you will discover various instruments and clothing; it is a trip that reflects the strength of their culture.

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From $2,000